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Esthetic interiors design excellent physical environment. A company of architects, expert designers, specialist’s environment decorators and strategies which focuses exclusively on internal environment through the lens of interior designer. Leading the marketplace with its strategy and design to build ravishing environment by transforming the place, its culture and enhancing people’s lives. Being the leaders in a smart workplace as well as home design, Esthetic Interiors is the best interior design company in Kolkata who helps its clients to align their strategies and use their space dynamically.

Simple & Instinctive

A Kolkata based interior designing company which help people to enrich their lives and help the organizations to succeed. The company’s mission is to deliver exceptional design idea and solutions to the clients thorough an innovative amalgamation of human need, the environment, value, and art.


Ecstatic Designs

Our designs results from a process which encourages our professional to research, share their knowledge & imagine better and new ways to give an ecstatic look to the place.


Stay Classy

For a classy and rich look we use wood or dark color with ornate carvings. The rooms are coordinated and given a harmonious look. The furnishings are arranged appropriately.


Elegant and Stylish

You name it and we have it, Esthetic interiors offers a wide variety of options to choose from. We can transform your place and give it an ultra-modern look, traditional look, contemporary and classic.

Why to choose us as your Creative Interior Designer?

Client Involvement

We involve our client in every step of execution and give them a leverage, starting from the type of material we use to finish product.

100% Transparency

We give 100% leverage to our client in terms of selecting the quality material, so that they will be aware of what exactly installed under laminated sheet or paint.

Reasonable Pricing

When the pricing is concern, we believe that the quality of finishing product is more important than money. So, depending on your budget we suggest the right thing for you.

15 + Years Experience

Working experience is the thing which cannot be gain in a day, gradually we learn from our experiences and that is reflecting in our portfolio.

Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians

All our team members are highly skilled & experienced technicians. The magic which they have in their hand creates your dream into reality.

Understanding Client’s Need

We’re expertise in understanding Client’s actual need and show graphically how exactly the entire project will flow.

Find best service at best price

Esthetic Interiors assures quality designing services be it residential or commercial at the prices lesser than that of other interior designers in Kolkata.

Find best interior designers

At Esthetic interiors you can find the masters in interior designing, who will renovate your place office or home and give it an elegant, comfortable and classy look.

Find best solution for renovation

The work is based on physical contextual sensitivity supported by redolent design solution. The spaces are designed to maximize the pleasures of life and establishing graceful wonder through functionality.


Leveraging a power of design to create a better home and workplace.

Esthetic Interiors designs thoughtful interiors which enables the consumers to live in environment which support their lifestyles beautifully. The company believes to work as per the Vastu of the house and also provides extra facilities and special services to the NRI’s .

We are happy clients

They Say!

Loved my house when the interior was completed, entire thing was contributed by Esthetic Interiors right from design, material selection and execution, I am residing outside Kolkata so heavily depending on them but they did not let me down, on the contrary gifted me this amazing home, shall recommend all near & dears this firm, thanks

Sarmistha Mukherjee

They Say!

After consulting so many interior firms on my house interior job, I chose Esthetic and trust me I have not made any mistakes, it was eventually superbly done by Esthetic despite a budget constraint I had from teh very beginning, specially Nandini's design was out of the box

Arup Das

They Say!

I have done the interior for my home. Not only me who is satisfied with the elegant look and quality of the work but all the relatives and friends who visits our home talks very high about the elegant look and the quality of the work done by the company. The best comment was from my one of my friends who lives in South Africa , " never has seen such beautiful flat in Kolkata".

Prabir Saha
Rosedale Gardens, New Town

They Say!

Very professional and unique styles available to choose. Very happy and would like to recommend.

Sanjukta Bhattacharya
Jodhpur Park

They Say!

Excellent aesthetic interior designing done by Mrs. Nandini Ghosh. We are extremely pleased with her work. Our home has been very beautifully transformed by her.

Nayona Ghose Sen
Vivekananda Park, Southern Avenue

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