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Types of Modular Kitchen Layouts

Modular kitchen has revolutionized the interior décor industry, where small very functional modules are combined to form a kitchen. Have you been looking to upgrade your kitchen by installing a modular kitchen? Then, it is necessary to know the types of modular kitchen layouts so you can choose the one best suited for your home! Esthetic Interiors is here to help with just that!

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Let’s get started with the types of modular kitchen layouts!

  • U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

Types of Modular Kitchen Layouts

This design is well suited for a larger area for the kitchen. It is ideal for large families as it provides ample space for storage and cooking. In this design three walls are used, where one wall can be used just for wall cabinets, the other for appliances and sink and the third wall can be used to install large windows to allow light to come in.

  • Straight Layout

This type of layout is most commonly seen in studio apartments, this does not employ a work triangle and an easy workflow is achieved. The Straight Modular Kitchen layout is compact, and unobtrusive, and works for both small and large kitchen spaces


  • Gallery Modular Kitchen

This design is the most efficient and preferred for kitchens that are long and narrow and also for one-cook homes. Also known as Galley modular kitchen, this design consists of two long parallel workstations on opposite walls with a passageway between them. These two parallel stations can be split into wet and dry workspaces with lots of counter space and storage. 

  • L-shaped Layout

The L-shaped layout is the most common layout, this is one of the most ideal layouts for small kitchens. The L-shaped plan makes space for the placement of a small dining table and also gives more area for people to work. The L-shaped Modular Kitchen layout is small, and compact and provides maximum storage.



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